• summary

    Stories are magic.

    I have been listening, telling stories and passionately advocating for others from an increasingly broad scope all of my life. I help you tell your story by clarifying your identity and creating content that aligns with who you are. I thrive on personal connections and bringing out the best in individuals, teams and organizations. I'm a skilled interviewer, copywriter, producer and director - a natural coach and catalyst. I am open to new opportunities in branding, marketing, copywriting and video production at a mid to senior level. I am happy to relocate or work successfully from a remote location.

    Branding. Copywriting. Video.

    I love to create something new on screen, on paper or on air. I've written everything from mayoral keynote speeches and talking points to 30 minute television pilots, screenplays, stage scripts and production plans. I've composed in depth white papers, greeting card aphorisms and a cemetery full of political headstone humor. I have produced, directed and acted in television pilots, short films, fundraising pitches, theater and commercial shoots in Los Angeles, Denver, Kansas City, Des Moines, London, Amsterdam, Berlin and Paris, and am thrilled to work side by side with other creative partners to bring ideas to life.

    Partners and Specializations

    Clients and Partners: Access Marketing Company (Colorado), Crossroads Media Group (Kansas City), Pepsi, Motive (Denver/New York), WÜF-World’s Smartest Dog Collar, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, Communications Strategy Group PR, Purple Ball Video (LA), 27 Notch Productions (LA), BeKode software (Uruguay); Meredith Corp (Des Moines). Specializations: Creative Direction; Copywriting, Ghost Writing and Screenwriting; Video Production; Startups; Crowd Funding; Social Media; Content Development; Media and PR; Public Speaking. Reach me at easonka@gmail.com.

  • compelling copywriting

    Written in the days following Mayor Michael B. Hancock's dramatic runoff victory in July of 2011, this speech was delivered by the Mayor at the 56th Annual Meeting of the Downtown Denver Partnership on July 13, 2011 to a crowd of over 600 of Denver's most prominent business leaders at the Hyatt Regency near the Colorado Convention Center.  Photo: Associated Press

    Copywriting, Keynote Speech

    Victory Speech

    Written in the days following Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock's dramatic runoff victory, this speech was delivered by the Mayor at the 56th Annual Meeting of the Downtown Denver Partnership to a crowd of over 600 of Denver's most prominent business leaders at the Hyatt Regency in Denver. (Click Photo For Link)

    Photo by Paweł Furman

    Social Media Micro Stories

    "Kings Never Worry"

    Part of a proposal for two large campaigns for Unilever Clear Shampoo, Singapore, our men's product goal was to inspire customers to apply to become a tester and share socially by appealing to their desire for a strong, masculine self-image along with professional competence and prestige coupled with a healthy dose of humor. (Click Photo For Link)

    Photo by Paweł Furman

    Branding, Logo, Content.

    "Vote John Cogswell"

    A Yale BA, a stint in the Marines, training as a Navy JAG and 50 years of law practice has prepared John Cogswell for national leadership, but someone has to tell the story. John wanted a world-class, responsive website; a vibrant social profile that connected seamlessly to email and donor funnels; public relations and marketing materials; and an endless supply of native content. We created a living web presence in record time on budget. Inception IM helped John break through the noise with earned media coverage in local and regional newspapers with combined circulation of over 250,000 - one quarter of Iowa's households when their attention was most in demand by top tier presidential candidates. Now, John swims with the sharks.


  • broadcast quality video production

    Product Video Production.

    Brand's Healthy Living

    With global partner Try And Review (Singapore) at http://www.tryandreview.com/ we produced a set of engaging promotional videos highlighting the benefits of Brand's Healthy Living ActivMove. Brand's at http://www.brandsworld.com.sg/ and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qx4yj56c5Ns

    Branding Video Production


    A trade organization wanted to highlight the powerful work they were doing by bringing decision makers together and greasing the wheels of progress in Colorado Adtech. I produced, scripted and directed this piece and teamed up with one of my production partners to make it happen. They did fantastic work getting high energy visuals and sound, and my editor took it from there.

    Pitch Video Production


    StartupStory is my second pitch product as a producer. As Showrunner, I've conceived, written, produced, directed and marketed our half-hour documentary pilot and series called “StartupStory” - both an episodic documentary series and an entrepreneurial brand built on hard won experience and the principle that everyone is meant to live an extraordinary life.


    Our pilot episode had its world premier at SeriesFest Season Three (2017) in Denver Colorado, and first three seasons are in production. See www.startupstorytv.com.


  • agency work

    Inception Integrated Marketing

    Creative Director, Founder

    June 2009 – Present

    Creative Direction

    Copywriting: I write optimized web content, press releases, emails, media kits, speeches, opinions and endorsements in brand voice. Published in The Denver Post’s Viva Colorado, Urban Spectrum & Colorado Statesman. I have earned media with circulation of over 250,000 voters in an early U.S. Presidential candidate field versus national competitors. www.johncogswell.com.

    Video Production: I write scripts and shot lists, story boards, direct, produce, manage budget, secure locations, crew and talent, direct and act in promotional videos, live broadcasts, television pilots, pitch products and commercial shoots in places like LA, Denver, Kansas City, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Singapore and Bali, Indonesia. https://vimeo.com/kyleeason I am writer, producer, director and showrunner of a half-hour documentary pilot and episodic series called “StartupStory”. www.startupstorytv.com I provide production work for commercial promos and series: “The Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show Show with Rob & Paul” (2016), “True Crime with Aphrodite Jones” (Discovery Ch.) and “Off Limits with Don Wildman” (Travel Ch.). I have produced fundraising product videos raising over $90K on Kickstarter.

    Digital Marketing, Web Design and Social Media Direction: I have designed, built and marketed websites using custom systems, WordPress, Drupal, Wild Apricot and others. With over 13,000 followers on all major social media outlets, I know how to make a splash on social media.

    Business Development and Operations Management

    I have reduced costs and increased project efficiency by strengthening agreements and, in one instance, saving $10k when overages threatened to derail existing budgets. www.inceptionim.com Partners: BYM Agency (Formerly Beyond Marketing, LLC) (Credit Union Marketing), Mission Driven, DataCulture, LLC (Software), Try And Review (Singapore), Meredith Corporation, The Trade Desk (Advertising), Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock, 27 Notch Productions. https://vimeo.com/kyleeason

    BYM Agency

    Vice President and Managing Director

    Apr 2017 - July 2017

    At BYM, I provided leadership during a challenging agency transition that supported our senior creative team comprised of our Creative Director, Art Director, Client Relations Manager and Bus. Dev.. I directed video, print and digital media production and served as Sr. Copywriter. In one instance, I reeled in production costs by 25%. My work enhanced operating agreements with fee structures that supported higher project quality and improved project management.

    milehighhouse Productions

    Marketing Director and Producer

    Jan 2015 - Jul 2016

    At MHH, I worked with clients to tell stories, explain products, build brands, inform and entertain. I scripted, produced, directed and edited video using Premiere Pro and Adobe Creative Suite. I created and managed shoot budgets and contracted camera operators, assistants and editors. I marketed company and client brands, websites and social media profiles using our custom CMS. www.milehighhouse.com Independent contractor.